• Zhejiang Lifan Furniture Co.,Ltd.is a manufacturer that specilize on making plastic furniture. The company was established on 1986 and at the very beginning there were only five employees working in a small workshop. After thirty plus years’ constantly development, we have grown to over 500 employees and have three plants that total area is over 130,000 square meter. Now we serve for over 100 customers and our products are exported to more than 50 countries around the world.

  • Quality:
    Quality is not just our promise to you, it is our core value. It is also the reason for we run the business. We focus on every single detail from the R&D to production, and we pay attention on every customers’ feedback as the must important information to help us impove the quality.
  • Innovation:
    Innovation is the lifeblood of our company. We never stop to push ourselves and challenge ourselves to think and to create a new stuff. It is not just the new product but also the new technology. After 30 years development, we have professional R&D team who create five invention patents, ninety-one utility patents and six design patents. We always stay hungry and stay foolish.
  • Customers Experience
    What we take care is not just products but also the customers’ experience and actually it is the main factor that keep us moving forward. In some way, we are not only the furniture manufacture but also the craftsman, we want to create the best experience for customers’ outdoor entertainment. We know quality is not the only point that customer take care, the lead time and price is also very important. So we always dedicate to produce a durable, short lead time and cheaper products for our client. Moreover, the customer service is the key for our company. We have professional team to solve all the problem immediately.
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