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  • Our plastic furniture is widely used in conferences, training classrooms, outdoor camping BBQ, dining rooms, kitchens, family studies and offices, indoor entertainment, parties and cocktail parties, garden patios and parks

Suitable for cocktail parties and indoor leisure use.
  • Bar Chair
  • Bar Table
  • Leisure And Entertainment Square Table
  • Folding Chair
Suitable for study and office, office learning.
  • 66cm Lifting Table
  • 76cm Long Table
  • Folding Small Round Stool
  • Folding Chair
Suitable for the kitchen.
It can be used in various conferences and training as well as in school classrooms.
  • 1.5m Long Table
  • YCZ-180
  • YCZ-183C
  • 2.4m Long Table
  • 1.8m Folding Bench
  • Aluminum Chair
  • Folding Chair
  • Folding Chair
Used in garden patio area and other park leisure places.
Used for camping and BBQ
  • YCZ-122Z-2
  • YCZ-152
  • YCZ-183B
  • 76cm Small Table
  • YCZ-76X
  • 86cm Square Table
  • Outdoor Picnic Table Set
  • Folding Chair
Used in indoor dining room and outdoor gear.
  • 1.2m Folding Round Table
  • 1.5m Table
  • 1.5m Folding Round Table
  • 1.8m Folding Round Table
  • 1.8m Folding Bench
  • 1.8m Long Table
  • 3-Piece Suit
  • 60CM Small Round Table
  • 80cm Small Round Table
  • YCZ-200
  • Plastic Chair
  • Folding Chair
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